“Jason is the rare Engineer that has both a Musician’s sensibilities and the Recordist’s expertise and skills. His choice of mic placement by seeking the best projected sound showed me that he wasn’t just working from a formula that ‘worked for other Musicians’. His knowledge of ProTools and willingness to include me in the process of choosing different takes while letting me know his choices made me feel it was a collaborative effort. I would not hesitate in recommending him to ANY musician as an excellent Recording Engineer and Mixer.” Billy Stewart (Classical guitarist, composer, and professor at UNC-Chapel Hill)

“Just heard the master of the fantastic new Scott Sawyer album “Dreamers”. It is absolutely wonderful! The Sound is terrific (produced and engineered by Jason Richmond ) The playing and material is off the charts! Also, for me personally, it is such a pleasure to record in this setting and then be so pleased with the mandolin tone and mix in the final version. So many times I have been a special guest on a recording and when the final version arrives I cannot believe that tiny sound way in the background is actually me! Jason and Scott have done Lloyd and me proud! Also, they have shown incredible respect and a true value for tone and musicianship for myself and all the amazing talent included here.” Tony Williamson (Mandolinist)

“I found Jason to be an invaluable partner in creating our last album. His skill, creativity in the face of obstacles, good humor and persistence were key elements to the success of the project. Highly recommended! Thank you Jason!” Kate McGarry (Grammy nominated Jazz vocalist)

“I had a terrific time working with Jason recently. He allowed the creative process to happen organically, always moving it forward gently with his expert advice and thorough knowledge of the engineering process. An effective communicator, Jason provides welcome input in a non-threatening manner, ingratiating himself to all that he works with. This is especially crucial when dealing with artists that may be insecure. And in North Carolina, too. Who knew? I welcome the opportunity to work with Jason anywhere.” Jeffrey Weber (Record Producer)

“I am very pleased with my latest CD that was recorded at Sound Pure Studios. Jason Richmond was the engineer for the project. He is very knowledgeable and has a great ear. And, he was a lot of fun to work with! Although some of the sessions were long and tedious, Jason stayed focused and maintained a positive and encouraging attitude. And, throughout our many sessions, Jason was very organized and efficient. Highly recommended.” Wayne Leechford (Saxophonist)

“Jason Richmond recorded my new CD, Still Looking Up at the Stars, at Sound Pure Studios in Durham, NC. He did a beautiful job and also mixed the tracks with Scott Sawyer and co-produced with Scott. I found Jason not only superbly talented and knowledgeable in the studio but also possessing a laid back, affable personal style that put me at ease as a singer/songwriter. I hope to work with him again someday. Highest recommendation….Bruce Piephoff (Singer-songwriter/Poet)

“Jason has recorded and engineered a number of projects I’ve been involved with. I’ve been impressed with the depth of his listening and his creative approach to mixing sound. And as a recording engineer, his work is topnotch.” Dan Ruccia (Composer)

“Jason’s expert work recording and mixing a composition of mine was invaluable to the success of my CD, “Best Served Cold” on Ablaze Records. His work is of the highest quality.” David Lipten (Composer)

“Jason is a fantastic engineer and incredibly easy to work with. He works quickly and precisely but with a relaxed demeanor that never adds stress to sessions. His technical knowledge is superb but he is also incredibly receptive to the clients wants. I’ll happily hire him as often as possible.” Egan O’Rourke (Daylight Dies)

“Jason is a thoroughly professional recording engineer who possesses deep knowledge of live concert recording. This is a crucial component in a program that depends on high quality recordings of new works by faculty and student composers at Duke University.” Scott Lindroth (Composer/Duke Professor)